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We offer all Lorcana frames and continously add new one created by our community on discord. Constantly improving the quality of our editor.

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From Frame, car name, power, rarity, icon set, to unique borders etc.. you can edit seamlesly any aspeect of your card. If a Lorcana card has it, you can edit it!

1200 DPI: HIGH resolution

Elevate your print quality with our free card designing tool, featuring a top-notch 1200DPI resolution for stunning results, guaranteed.

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Our text editor has been custom made to perfectly serve any need you may have during the creation process of your Lorcana Proxy card.
From the ability name, sumbols, ink value etc.. Everything is covered.>
You can even change font seamlessly!

Rarity Symbol and background icons

Quickly add any rarity symbol or change the image of any power, cost or icon you see on the card.
You can even upload your own custom icon!

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We've simplified customization for you! Easily adjust any text or image with utmost simplicity, making modifications a breeze.

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Duplicate and edit any card you see in the gallery.
See a border you like? An interesting design ? Immediatly duplicate and make it your own.



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